Pet Bar ~ 4.0 oz.  
Pet Bar ~ 4.0 oz.

The rich, dense lather and anti-bug essential oils will help you and your pet in the fight to stay free of fleas and ticks. We use this bar on our goats, dogs and horses for beautiful, clean and shiny coats. It is made from our fresh goat's milk, coconut, olive and castor oils, pure rainwater, alkali and our anti-bug blend of essential oils. You try it; they'll love it! (And yes, people can use it, too!)

1. Our female Shelty has always had a problem with fleas here on our place in the country. She usually stays outdoors, but one night she surprised us with 3 puppies, so indoors they came, fleas and all! We were desperate to get rid of the fleas and get her all cleaned up without using harmful chemicals. We tried the Dairy Meadow Soaps Pet Shampoo Bar and could hardly believe the results! We haven't seen a flea since and her coat is beautiful - very fluffy and shiny! We are totally sold on this product! - Wendy

2. A month or so ago Rachel, a friend of ours, called at 8:00 at night to say her beautiful Australian Shepherd, Josey, had just had an unfortunate encounter with a skunk! Since Josey had always been an inside dog Rachel was understandably concerned about her pet. What could she do for Josey? I told her to come get a Dairy Meadow Soaps Pet Bar and try that. She called back an hour later to say not only was Josey totally free of skunk smell, her coat had never been so fluffy and beautiful! Even we were surprised- we knew what our pet bar did against the little pests of fleas and ticks but now we know that even skunks can not get the best of dogs using our pet bar! - Cheryl

3. I absolutely adore the Pet Bar Soap. I have always use herbal-based soaps for my beloved doggie (up until now I used Halo pet soap, and I was ok with it). However, I just received my order from Heritage, and I bathed Asha with it. She truly seemed to enjoy it. I was amazed that in the 3 years of her life this was the first time I ever saw her soooo relaxed when bathing. I think it was the soap. And also it was easy to use because it foamed up easily. Loved it. - Marcela

4. I just wanted to let you know how amazed I am with the Pet Bar soap you're selling. Our little rat terrier, JoJo, was filthy and COVERED with fleas. As soon as I suds her up with the Pet Bar Soap, the fleas quit moving. They never moved again. I've NEVER used a flea soap that actually killed the fleas that quickly, effectively, or thoroughly. I'm sold!! - Faith

5. I just used the Pet Bar soap on our shih tzu 5 minutes ago and LOVED it. He feels squeaky clean, the soap lathered really nice, and the smell :). So glad I found your products. Keep up the great work. - Kerry

6. We just used your Pet Bar Soap for the first time for our dog's bath and we LOVE it! She is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. They have a double coat, and we have not found any dog shampoo we like. We LOVE your Pet Bar! It creates a thick lather, but is not slimy and it rinses clean very easily. The smell is amazing and so much better than any dog shampoo we have ever bought. Thank you for offering this amazing product. We will never use anything else. - Connie
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