Goat's Milk Bar ~ 4.0 oz.  
Goat's Milk Bar ~ 4.0 oz.

Our beautiful Swiss Breed dairy goats look just like this. Aren't they pretty? This bar contains our fresh goat's milk, olive, coconut and palm oils, pure rainwater, alkali and our lavender/rose essential oil blend to produce the moisture-rich, gentle lather our soaps always have!

I wanted to tell you about a new use for your soap - my son, husband and myself were in the pasture pulling up bitter mustard. My son had an allergic reaction to it and had whelps all over his arms. We rubbed your Goats Milk soap bar on it, and within 2 hours all the whelps/rash was gone!!! We're believers!!!!!!! HUGS! - Robin & Bill

Price: $7.00


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